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DERT Trophy

A few weeks after DERT 2010 the discovery of an error in the scoring spreadsheet led to the changing of the result. It has been revealed that Gaorsach Rapper and Step have Won the Premier Class. This follows some excellent results in the other competitions. Caroline and Jen (Stalker, for reasons we won't go into here) placed second in the musicians' competition behind the (frankly) amazing Matt Crum (of Blackswan), and the team also placed second in Buzz Factor behind Blackswan (again!).


DERT 2010

Stone Monkey rapper team hosted a wonderful weekend along with their supporters and the pubs, staff and people of Derby.  Special thanks on the day go to Thrales Rapper and Sliver Flame (who also get extra congratulations for winning the Open Class on the day) for all their support,  cheering and GRRRRRing.

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